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Welcome on Saint-Dizier Aero Club website

Saint-Dizier Airfield, the home of Saint-Dizier Aero Club is one of the oldest and best known airfields in the country.

Very well located closed to the city, at less than ten minutes from the center, Saint-Dizier Aero Club welcomes you in a quite and green environment, and offers you an homogeneous and attractive fleet.

Place of leisure and relaxation, Saint-Dizier Aero Club meets the aviation’s lovers, pilots or not, where technology and passion are mixed, alchemy that our members are ready to share with you.

Since its creation, our club has taught the pilotage laws to numerous future professional pilots and aeronautical specialists, the association being very proud of its great number of members who opted for civil or militar aviation careers.

Two flight instructors, with a high flight experience, remain at you disposal to teach you the pleasure to fly, one during the week, the other one during the week-end.

In such conditions, you will be able to learn to fly properly, and pass the private pilot license examination, your family having the possibility to enjoy our Clubhouse and facilities.

Le Robin DR-400
Our aircraft will permit to you to perform the flight adapted to your need : from touring over our nice region to long trips over France or Europe.

Piloting is also the only way to evoluate in the third dimension, that you will share with your family and friends during a touring, opportunity to make them discovering their city or village.

The flight instructors  pedagogic skills and their  high availability permit  them to fit with your  agenda, and with your best  progression rythm.

From that time onwards,  you will have only to  appreciate these ideal  conditions to enjoy to fly, and learn navigation using natural and artificial ground reference points,
the onboard sophisticated instruments installed in our aircraft fleet, and learning the radio traffic with air traffic control.

Saint-Dizier Aero Club historical

Saint-Dizier has a long aviation history, to which Saint-Dizier Aero Club had a large participation.

Since the first air races which took place at the beginning of the 20th century in Champagne, when a Farman aeroplane, piloted by a military crew landed closed to
our city on the 11th of august, 1910. This was the first step of a long aviation history, an airfield being operational in 1913, and Saint-Dizier population buying some years after an aircraft for the very young French Air Force.

1931 saw the fundation of Saint-Dizier Aero Club, which stopped during the Second World War, and the occupation by Germany. The airfield was used by Luftwaffe, and the US Air Force operated the airfield just after, during the Allies effort to liberate Europe.

In 1945, our association restarted its activities with saling activity, one glider SG-38 coming from the « German Youths ». Since this date, Saint-Dizier Aero Club remains an active association, and foresees the future with confidence.

Our vintage fleet

Morane-Saulnier MS-317Three private vintage aircraft are operated by Saint-Dizier Aero Club: one  Morane-Saulnier MS-317, monoplane with a « parasol » wing, 1930 vintage; one Boeing PT-17 Super Stearman, biplane of the 40’s, and a Zlin 526, two seats aerobatic airplane manufactured in Czechoslovakia in 1969.

Boeing Stearman PT-17
Their typical frame, their inimitable  engine sound, and the atmosphere  linked to these vintage aeroplanes  attract numerous visitors at Saint-Dizier Aero Club.

These aeroplanes are occasionally displayed in air shows and meetings organised in the region.


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